Lash Tinting Procedure

  1. Client should be sitting upright in a chair or on a facial table with head slightly tilted back.


  1. Cleanse eyelashes and eyebrows thoroughly with Intensive Eye Makeup Remover Foam. Lashes and brows should be free of oil and makeup.
  1. Instruct the client to look up. Remove the protective backing from the Intensive Soothing Under Eye Gel Pad (pictured) and place the pad under the lower lid, as close as possible to the lower lash line, without covering lashes. Alternately, you may use an Intensive Paper Eye Protection Pad. To do so, first apply a thick layer of Intensive Eye Cream under the lower eyelid. Then place a Paper Eye Protection Pad under the lower lid, which will prevent the tint from staining the skin. The cream will prevent the pad from moving.
  2. Using a tint brush, apply cream tint to lower lashes first on both eyes. Make sure the tint covers lashes, including those at the corners of the eyes, from base to tip. When lower lashes are completed, instruct the client to close his/her eyes until the application and removal process is completed.
  1. Apply cream tint to upper lashes from base to tip. Again, make sure the corner lashes are covered. If tint accidently gets in the eyes, take your client to an eyewash station and flush the eyes with plain water immediately! If you do not have an eyewash station, flush the eye with saline solution or warm water and pat dry. If no irritation occurs, you may reapply the tint immediately.
  1. When applying to eyebrows, make sure eyebrow hair is completely covered, but do not press the dye into the skin.
  1. If any tint gets on the face, remove it as soon as possible with warm soap and water. Do not use the Intensive Tint Spot Cleanser on the face.
  1. Developing time will differ depending on temperature fluctuation, the texture and coarseness of the client’s hair, and the hair’s original color. Although the normal time for developing is 10 minutes for lashes and 3 minutes for brows, these times may produce results darker than expected. If you are working with Middle Brown, Brown, or Graphite, we recommend that you allow eyelashes to develop for 3 minutes and the eyebrows to develop for one and one-half minutes. Then cleanse them and check the color. If the eyelashes and/or eyebrows are not dark enough, re-apply and allow to them to process again until the desired color is achieved. Check the color frequently. You can always reapply to go darker. However, if they become too dark, you will be unable to lighten them. The color will have to wear off over time.
  1. Remove protection pads from under eye area.
  2. While your client’s eyes are closed, use a dampened cotton round with warm water to remove product until no residue is visible. Hold tissue near eye area to capture any excess water.
  1. Provide a hydrating and soothing finishing touch by applying Intensive Finishing Eye Cream around the eyes.
  1. Calm and tame eyebrows by applying Intensive Eyebrow Gel.
  2. Hand your client a mirror so he/she can see his/her fabulous new look!


Note: The client can wash their face, apply makeup, and resume all activities immediately.


Note: If you get tint on your hands while mixing, use a cotton ball dampened with Tint Spot Cleanser to remove the tint. Wash your hands with soap and water immediately. Do not use the Tint Spot Cleanser on the face. Use soap and warm water to remove any tint on the face.