Live Trainings


Group trainings can be offered at different locations within South Florida. Should you wish to travel to attend one of these training sessions, you are most welcome to book and schedule accordingly. Training locations will posted on social business page once scheduled. For group training we require deposits via PayPal 3 weeks prior to your training date, in order to hold your spot. We generally take a minimum of 4 aestheticians &/or licensed specialist at one time. Training consists of course outcomes which must be understood in its entirety in order to receive the certification at the end of each training.


Any inquiries for training classes for any of the services listed below... training kits will be provided. 
-Lashes (Lash Lifts, Mink Lash Extensions, Lash Tinting)
-Brows (Scoping the PERFECT shape, Waxing, Tinting)
-PMU (permanent makeup tattoo license instructions will be provided.)
-Body Sculping Treatments (Sculpting, Cellulite Removals, Lymphatic Drainage, Wrapping) 
- Specialty Facials (Dermaplaning, Dermapen/Microneedling, Chemical Peel)
Learn from and work with Golden Beauty Collection and Training LLC. professionals to help you become one the best in the business.
Please understand that any of these services can easily increase your base salary each month. So what are you waiting for? GET CERTIFIED TODAY and start making 6 figures this year! 
Body Contouring/Wood Therapy
This courses specializes in a technique that depends solely on wood shaped pieces to sculpt the body in desired areas. This allows the therapist to move and drain stubborn adipose tissue (fat, cellulite, and/or fluid).
• Understanding Wood Therapy
• Detox Body Wrap Treatments
• Lymphatic Drainage Massage
• Shaping Guidelines
• Hands On Live Training
• Certification
• Marketing Tools
Cost: $450
Deposit Due: $250 (Secures Training)

Non Invasive Body Vacuum Therapy
This course teaches the fundamentals of aesthetic radio frequency, cavitation and vacuum therapy techniques and prepares licensed professionals to increase revenue by adding these popular spa treatments to their existing practice. (Must be licensed.)
Course Outcomes
• Anatomy and Physiology of the skin
• Introduction to Ultrasonic Cavitation
• Introduction to Radiofrequency
• Cavi/RF fundamentals
• Fat, Skin & Cellulite
• Tissue Interaction
• Equipment Protocols
• Marketing & Business Setup
• Practical Application
Cost: $650
Deposit Due: $350 (Secures Training)

Specialty Facials
This course will enable you to apply facial treatments to target a range of different skin types, aid relaxation and promote well being. A demo will be provided for all Specialty facials which includes Dermapen, Dermaplaning, and Chemical peels.
Course outcomes:
• Salon safety/ work area preparation/ COSHH
• Code of Practice and Insurance for therapists
• Client consultation/ contra-indications and aftercare advice
• Identification of disorders and contra-actions
• Client preparation
• Tip application
• Aftercare advice
• Anatomy & Physiology
Cost: $500
Deposit Due: $250 (Secures Training)

This course will enable you to effectively apply and removal soft and hard wax. The course consists of 1 day practical training and an element of theory which is completed online learning before the course.
Course outcomes:
• Salon safety/ work area preparation/ COSHH
• Code of Practice and Insurance for therapists
• Client consultation
• Identification of skin disorders and contraindication
• Preparation/Cleaning
• Patch Test
• Wax application
• Maintenance
• Aftercare advice
Cost: $150
Deposit Due: $75 (Secures Training)
Mink Lash Extentsions
This is a one day course covering a range of techniques to define the lashes. The course consists of some theory which will be completed distance learning prior to the course date. This is the ideal starter and advanced volume course for an aspiring lash technician.
Course outcomes:
• Code of practice and insurance for therapists
• Health & safety
• Client consultation/ contra-indications and aftercare advice
• Lash Perming and Lift Treatment
• Lash application (including individual, clusters, & strips)
• Refills
• Lash Removal
• Lash and Tinting
• After care advice
• Anatomy & physiology for lash treatments
Cost: $500 (no previous beauty qualifications needed), the deposit for this course will be $250.

Microshading with Permenant Makeup Machine
This course is very popular due to its unique tattoo eyebrow embroidery techniques. The original hand method is called Microblading used with a hand tool designed to create feathered brows. However, Microshading easily creates crisp shapes and fine strokes to fill in the thinest or thickest brow shapes. Providing a pigmented ombre brow with results that have a longer lasting timeframe then microblading.

• Infection Control & Safety Compliance
• Understanding Skin Types & Color Theory
• Understanding Undertones, Pigment Options & Mixing
• Eyebrow Shaping & Design
• Proper Facial & Brow Measurements
• Hand Placement
• Shading Technique
• Benefits Numbing Cream & Procedure
• Hands on Training
• Marketing Tools

Kit: PMU Machine, Training Manual, Practice Skins, Needles, and Pigment kits will be demonstrated on the day of training, your trainer will discuss the use of each item with you at the beginning of training.

Cost: $900
Deposit: $450 (Secures Training)

Model: Courses will still run if there is only one student but you may be required to bring a model on the day. If there is more than one student attending you will take turns practicing on each other. All models must be over 16, and be willing to sign a medical wavier prior to any application.

What's included in ALL courses? All products and equipment kits will be supplied on the day, comprehensive course manual, accredited certificate and a Golden Beauty Collection LLC. Customized T-Shirt will be provided at the end of the workshop.
Upcoming Monthly Training Dates:
Week 1: 
 (Thursday) - Lash Care 9am - 7pm
(Friday) - Specialty Facials 9am - 3pm
(Saturday) PMU Machine 9am - 7pm
(Sunday) Body Sculpting 9am - 5pm
Week 2: 
(Monday) - Waxing 10am - 2pm 
 (Tuesday) - Specialty Facials 9am - 3pm
(Wednesday) - Lash Care 9am - 7pm
Week 3: 
 (Friday) Vacuum Therapy 9am - 5pm
 (Saturday) Lash Care 9am - 7pm
 (Sunday) PMU machine 9am - 7pm
Week 4:
 (Monday) PMU Machine 9am - 7pm 
(Tuesday)Waxing 10am - 2pm
(Wednesday) Body Sculpting 9am - 5pm